Touch-free 3D printed door-openers

Help against the spread of COVID-19

This is our attempt to reduce the spread of the coronavirus or other germs. It is a hook-like device that allows the opening and closing of doors without touching the handle.

Product features:

  • Open doors without touching the handle
  • Press buttons in the elevator or light switches
  • Touching surfaces are designed to be as small as possible to avoid contamination
  • Print in PLA

You can download the STL file here for free: STL file door-opener

Or you can order the door openers by filling in the form on the right. Within three business days after payment of the delivery costs you will receive the door openers.

Price for touch-free door-openers:

Order amount <20: €3,5 excl. VAT 

Order amount >20: €2,0 excl. VAT

Delivery costs are: €5,95 excl. VAT

Screenshot 2020-03-17 12.46.33